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HCI staff are SSPC-C-3 Certified Competent Persons for Lead in Construction as well as receiving continuous upgrade training in 29 CFR 1926.62 in house and through additional independent organizations, such as The Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC), Pac Pro Health and Safety, The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

HCI Inc. is thoroughly familiar with the requirements for the de-leading of industrial structures, has performed hundreds of lead removal projects, meets all State and Federal requirements for Lead in Construction and are very familiar with Federal, State and Local Regulations. Our company is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm and licensed by the EPA in Idaho-ID-102893-1, Nevada-NV-102893-1, Arizona-AZ-102893-1 as well as state licenses in Oregon and Washington. (Oregon: LBP 163125, Washington State Department of Commerce: 4052.)

HCI Industrial & Marine Coatings, Inc is an SSPC QP1 and QP2 Certified Contractor.*

SSPC QP2 Certification Program

(Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings)

The SSPC QP2 Certification is a nationally recognized program that evaluates an industrial paint contractor’s ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field. According to SSPC, their standards are considered to be the minimum level of service and quality.

SSPC QP2 Certification requires demonstrated competence in these four key areas:

1. Management of hazardous paint removal projects.

2. Technical capabilities related to hazardous paint materials.

3. Personnel qualifications and training.

4. Safety and environmental compliance programs.

HCI Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. has performed millions of square feet of surface preparation and painting on a wide array of industrial and marine projects. With our vast experience on a diverse scope of projects, we have taken great care to develop a Corporate Safety Program, Policies and Procedures that reflect our “value of safety” in our industrial environment, with the safety of our workers, the protection of our environment, and the protection of the public our first priority.

HCI Industrial and Marine Coatings, Inc. recognizes the importance of an excellent Quality Control Program. The officers of the Corporation have received NACE Level One and Level Two Quality Control Inspection Training and consistently instill the importance of quality control inspections and documentation in our people. We train our supervisors and employees continuously in the latest quality control equipment, regulations and procedures. (i.e. SSPC/NACE/AWWA/NIST/NAVSEA). HCI Inc. has an extensive “Written Quality Control Program”. We also develop a “Site Specific Quality Control Inspection Plan” for every project. Each plan is tailored to the customer’s requirements and specifications. We firmly believe in providing our customers with a quality-finished product by doing the job right the first time!

HCI Industrial & Marine Coatings, Inc is an SSPC QP1 and QP2 Certified Contractor.

SSPC QP1 Certification Program

(Field Application to Complex Industrial and Marine Structures)

SSPC QP1 Certification is a nationally recognized program that evaluates an industrial paint contractor’s practices in key areas of business. According to SSPC, their standards are considered to be the minimum level of service and quality for the coatings industry.

SSPC QP1 Certification requires that an industrial contractor demonstrate competence in these areas of business practices:

1. Management procedures.

2. Quality control.

3. Safety and environmental compliance.

4. Technical capabilities.

With safety as a priority, HCI, Inc. has adopted both the Federal and Washington state regulations into its Hazard Communication program. These regulations include protocols to inform employees and the general public of hazardous materials to which they might be exposed.

The purpose of the HCI Hazard Communication “Standard” is to insure that the hazards associated with chemicals used in our industry are evaluated, and that information is transmitted to employees through complete training.

Training employees in the HCI, Inc. HazCom Standard will insure that HCI personnel understand the hazards associated with chemicals on the jobsite by disseminating information from the product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Our goal is for all employees to thoroughly understand the personal protective equipment necessary to protect themselves and that they have the skills and education necessary to protect the public and the environment.

  • Rodda/Cloverdale Paint Company
  • Carboline:Approved applicator Nullifier, and ad/firefilm, Intumecent fireproofing as well as Commercial, Industrial & Marine Coating Lines.
  • ICS Garland: Floor Coatings
  • Ceilcote-SGL Carbon Group: Floor and Secondary Containment
  • Devoe: Commercial, Industrial and Marine
  • Ameron Protective Coatings
  • PPG
  • LifeLast: Plural Component Products
  • Tnemec: Industrial
  • Saureisen
  • SPI: Plural Component Products
  • Polyspec: Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings
  • Gulfcoast: Industrial
  • International: Industrial and Marine Coatings
  • Jotun: Industrial and Marine Coatings
  • American Safety
  • Sherwin Williams/General Polymers Commercial Industrial & Marine Coating Products

HCI, Inc. is a “Drug-Free Business” committed to assuring a drug-free working environment for all its employees. The HCI, Inc. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy is in accordance with Chapter 440-26 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) relating to drug-free workplace programs. All new hires will acknowledge receipt of the HCI, Inc. Drug and Alcohol Policy during the application process and are required to submit to a pre-employment drug test. In addition, HCI, Inc. has mandatory, random, post accident and reasonable suspicion drug testing.


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