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Some jobs are more complicated than others. The common commitment we have to every job is to apply our knowledge, expertise and unrelenting attention to detail to bring jobs in safely, on time and to the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Below are a few examples of our projects including background information to illustrate the scope and stringent demands under which we choose to work. These projects represent the significant level of difficulty involved in completing many types of large industrial and marine projects.  The specific construction requirements concerning safety, surface preparation, coating installation techniques, equipment, manpower and quality control necessary to complete these projects represent the type of atmosphere HCI, Inc. is exposed to and performs under on a daily basis.

If you have questions regarding any of these jobs, or want to find out how they might relate to your project please contact us: randy@hci-coatings.com and kim@hci-coatings.com. We are always happy to talk shop.

Fremont Bridge Ramp Painting Pilot Project.

HCI was contracted by ODOT to perform full containment, abrasive blasting and coating installation to 3,000 square feet of the I-405 northbound Fremont Bridge ramp that was accessed from the I-5 freeway deck. The project was performed on a 3-night weekend work schedule and necessitated total shutdown of the I-5 northbound and southbound lanes with strict safety and quality control requirements. The job had to be complete so the freeway could re-open by 9 a.m.  The coating system installed has never been used on the west coast and is considered experimental for future repair of the Fremont Bridge. The project was completed safely, on schedule and with excellent results.

Coatings manufactured by Sherwin Williams.

City Of silverton (High Level Reservoir Project)

This project consisted of the interior surface preparation and painting of an existing, severely corroded, 2 million gallon potable water reservoir. (Approximately 40,000 square feet of steel surfaces). A 10’x 10’ opening was cut from the side of the reservoir to allow high reach equipment to be moved to the interior of the reservoir and to expedite the removal and disposal of the spent abrasives. HCI Inc. installed an environmental control system (ECS) to the interior of the reservoir that would allow us to abrasive blast the reservoir unimpeded, while preserving the quality of the surface preparation and providing optimum conditions for application of high performance coatings. The project was extensive and took a great deal of coordination and planning to complete. The quality control process for this project was thorough and well documented from the start of the project to the final cure. The high level reservoir was turned over to the City of Silverton ahead of schedule, ready for disinfection with no accidents or injuries.

Coatings manufactured by Carboline High Performance Coatings Systems.

United States Army Corp of Engineers Vessel “Dredge Essayons”

All surfaces were qualitatively tested for lead paint and determined that some items were lead contaminated. A complete environmental protection program, site specific lead protection program, exposure assessment and personnel monitoring program were developed per 29CFR 1926.62.The project consisted of the installation of a complete containment system, over the bridge, bridge deck, stack deck and aft deck of the vessel as well as the installation of a 20,000 CFM dust collection system, a 5,000 CFM dehumidification unit to control the environmental conditions, and the abrasive blasting and coating of approximately 45,000 square feet of steel surfaces. Four coating inspectors were involved on this project. The coating system was a military specification requiring a zinc primer and stripe coat, an epoxy base coat and stripe coat, intermediate base coat of epoxy and stripe coat, and a finish coat of polyurethane with a stripe coat.

Marine Coatings manufactured by YOTUN.

Hood River Bridge Deck Replacement Project

All existing coatings on the Hood River Bridge were tested and known to be lead and chromium contaminated. This project consisted of the removal of the entire steel grated deck down to the stringers, seismic upgrade of several sections of the bridge, and the installation of a new bridge deck grating system with new guardrails. HCI, Inc. was responsible for performing the necessary lead abatement, management, storage and disposal of the hazardous waste for the removal and demolition of the existing deck sections and the installation or repair of the coating systems once the new deck sections were installed.

A Site Specific Environmental Health and Safety Plan was developed for every aspect of this project including, but not limited to, appointment of a competent person for Lead In Construction, Worker Lead Protection Program and Site Specific Worker Lead Protection Program, Environmental Protection Program, Job Safety Analysis, Job Specific Working Rules and Procedures, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection Program, Hazard Communication Program, Fall Protection i.e. (working over water ) Lead Paint Containment and Removal Procedures, Personnel Air Monitoring, Biological Monitoring, The Handling, Transport, Management, Testing, Storage and Disposal of the Hazardous Waste, and much more.

Extensive training in all aspects of this program was conducted for all personnel. There were no injuries, first aids, illnesses, spills or accidental releases of Hazardous materials of any kind.

Coatings manufactured by Wasser High Tech Coatings.

City of Salem: A.C Gilbert House Historic Restoration, Lead Abatement

The project specifications were designed for the complete removal of all existing lead based coatings down to the original wood on this 1850’s colonial style home and install a new coating system. A complete Lead Protection Compliance Program and Site Specific Environmental Health and Safety Program were developed and approved by the City of Salem. This project took extensive planning, meticulous attention to detail and a significant amount of training. The A.C. Gilbert House was fully contained using scaffolding and 85 % containment screen. An 8-foot construction fence was installed around the entire perimeter of the home to for the protection, security and safety of the public. The home was stripped of its lead paint using wet tooling methods and biodegradable/environmentally friendly stripper. All waste was collected and stored in DOT drums in a secured storage facility adjacent to the project. This project required more than 2,000 hours of stripper application and lead based paint removal. Success on the project was due to the extensive planning, training and supervision we provided. The City of Salem has had several of these historic restoration projects completed by an assortment of commercial and industrial contractors, The City informed us that HCI, Inc. was the best most professional contractor they had worked with in this type of work. Contract was completed on schedule with no injuries and no environmental contamination issues.

Washington State Department of Transportation: Toutle River Bridge Seismic Upgrade I-5, Mp-53

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of all gusset plates, removal of riveted connections and replacement with high strength bolted connections and new stiffing members to the arches that supported the bridge decks and bearing replacement. The existing coatings were contaminated with lead paint. This project was especially sensitive for two additional reasons, not only were we in a highly environmentally sensitive area, the traffic on 1-5 could not be disrupted and the fall salmon runs were in progress. A complete environmental health and safety plan was established to include: lead protection program, which included lead exposure activities, methods for removal of the existing coatings, engineering control methods, technology in meeting the permissible exposure limits, personal protective clothing, respiratory protection, hygiene facilities for decontamination, worker exposure air monitoring, medical surveillance program, procedures for containment and removal of the lead based coatings, personnel biological monitoring, handling, storage and disposal of HAZMAT, and training documentation. There were no injuries, first aid cases, accidental spills or releases of any hazardous substances..

Coatings manufactured by Wasser High Tech Coatings.

City of North Bonneville, WA: Reservoir Recoating

This project consisted of sandblasting and painting of the interior of a 500,000-gallon potable water storage reservoir. The project was originally bid for non-lead, but upon further inspection and testing the reservoir interior tested positive for lead paint. The project consisted of the complete removal of the existing interior coatings by abrasive blasting to an SSPC-SP-10 Near White Metal Blast and replacement of the existing coatings using an NSF approved epoxy coating. A complete site-specific lead plan was developed for the project. The blast media used was copper slag as manufactured by Kleen Blast with an additive to render the spent media and coatings non leachable. The spent grit was then TCLP tested and returned to the Manufacturer for recycle.

Coatings manufactured by DEVOE Coatings.

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